Stuff I Can Do

Don’t mind me, I’ll just put this list here for later…



Tricks I can do almost sort of sometimes:

Teddy (first trick I ever accomplished semi-successfully, this is a terrible angle and I need to find a better way to take photos)


Yogini (yes yes, my legs need to be miles higher than they are, I know)

Spins I can do:

  • Dip Squat
  • Goddess
  • Fireman
  • Firelady
  • Princess
  • Perky
  • Dip squat into goddess combo
  • Underarm turn

Transitions I can do:

  • Body roll
  • Money maker
  • Snake

Currently working on:

  • Basic invert
  • Open V-invert
  • Gorgeous
  • Chair spin
  • Fan kick
  • Martini

WHY does my stomach look huge in all these pictures??? Anyone have tips for taking photos of yourself besides using your webcam to shoot video and then pulling stills from it?


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