The Chicken Dancer

I don’t like to dance in public. Not pole dance, regular “hey this is a great song!” dance. Why? I’m very, very, very incredibly white. Remember that “this is your home, this is where you live” speech from Hitch? That’s me! That’s about all I can do. Oh, and the chicken dance. I do a fierce chicken dance.


So imagine my surprise when I found myself out last Friday night… dancing, and enjoying it! My very dear friend is a get the party started sort of girl, if there’s music and about a foot of clear space, she’ll find the beat and start moving to it. I usually smile, shuffle from foot to foot and focus on staring into my drink. But I feel like pole is changing that.

Just out dancing on a Friday night ❤

When the music started this time I thought to myself “I body roll on a pole, in my underwear, in front of people. This bar has got nothing on me.” And for once, it didn’t. I didn’t get the awkward “oh it’s so cute that you try” smile that I got at my high school prom. I didn’t get the “I’m not with her” back away slowly I normally get at clubs. I was just a regular, normal, dancing person out on a Friday night.


So thanks, pole, for making me normal. Who would have thought anyone would ever say that?


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